A project in an Illustration course during my senior year at CIA, I created a storybook for the song "The Fox, the Crow and the Cookie" by the indie-alternative band, mewithoutyou. Their song was based off of Aesop's fable "the Fox and the Crow". The song is upbeat with a guitar melody to take us through the story, with details about the characters that you can visualize in your head. When listening to the song over, and over again, I came up with this overlay-style for my illustration. I also knew that I wanted to add some form of hand-lettering since that is something I enjoy, but I wanted to use it only for certain parts of the story. After rounds of illustrations and studies of how foxes look and move, I finally had my designs complete and my scripting finished. I knew that I wanted to bind this book as well so I opted to use acrylic as my book cover. The acrylic was meant to tie in with the overlay-style I used throughout the book.

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