Cleveland Clinic has a magazine they send to their donors biannually to showcase its accomplishments and future in healthcare, as well as give thanks to their patrons. The agency I work for designed and developed the digital version of each issue. The centennial issue is bigger, and takes the reader back in time to when the Clinic first began in the 1920s, then carries us through the decades to now, 2021.
This issue needed to be different from the past issues and have more interaction and visual elements to show how big the centennial issue is.
I was the UX designer for this project. Since we already had an established style and feel for the issues, I knew I could elevate it for this issue to set it apart from the rest. I introduced the use of an interactive timeline on the homepage to give the user a feeling of moving through time.
UX Designer: Tessa Miceli
Visual Designer: Kate Penrod.​​​​​​​
Imagery used for the cover image on homepage was sourced from the Cleveland Clinic Magazine website. 
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